Baby Zilla Club

Come join the 1337 adorable Baby Godzillas, now terrorizing the Solana network!

Mission Statement / RoadMap


This project is a very personal project for me. After being rugged, scammed, and dealing with all the other forms of crypto nefariousness, I've decided to create my own project.

This , and any future projects will be a blockchain based chronicling of my journey into digital drawing, and blockchains dapps.

Through this project I/We plan to help support as many other projects grow aswell. Thank you for joining me on this journey! :)


1 - Design, Devnet testing, Mint page customization

Drawing and design, NFT generation and uploading to decentralized storage (Arweave). Then setup and customize metaplex mint page and prepare for initial mint.

2 - Social Media

Create Twitter, Discord ,and other required Social media accounts for promotion and giveaways.

3 - Three-stage mint

We have decided to split our mint into 3 seperate stages. This is because we believe one of the biggest issues currently in the NFR ecosystem, is giving project all their funds upfront.

It is our opinion that this standard practice encourages bad actors, and we would like to help normalize a multi-stage mint, where the 'devs' recieve their funds AFTER milestones

If your mint includes the 'token' attribute, YOU WIN A FREE NFT! Pease contact us on twitter to claim!

  1. 3a - Alpha Early Access Mint

    The initial mint will be limited to 250 items. (50 for giveaways , 200 at 0.03 SOL per mint.)

  2. 3b -Discounted Beta Mint

    As voted on by the community, our beta mint will be March 31st, at 4:30 PM EST (8:30 UTC). The price, also voted on by the community, will be 0.08 SOL

  3. 3c - Main Sale

    Main public sale. Date and proce will be voted on by the community, for fair distribution. All remaining NFT's will be listed and WILL NOT CLOSE UNTIL SOLD OUT! 0.08 SOL (Remaining 837 mints)

4 - Market Listings

List on secondary sales markets, we are currently already verified on 3 markets and have submitted the required information for Maigc Eden (verification upon completed mint)

5 - Token and Staking BZC - LIVE NOW!

In combination with our "Avatar Generator", we plan to add an option to stake your Zilla. This will allow you to earn our own token, which you wll be able to use to purchase 'premium' items and layers for your Zilla avatar. (Original layers + some extras will be available to all holders for free.)

We believe this will help limit the supply on marketplaces, and help maintain a fairly stable floor. Any additional utilities for the token will be voted on by the community.

Staking to be released Friday, March 25th. 18 Million coins have been minted initially to cover BZC staknig for up to five years at our current emissions schedule. This amount is NOT our total supply cap, as minting capabilities will be left open untill all 4 projects have been created/minted. The reason for this is so all 4 projects can stake together on the same platform, and earn the same coin.

Current Staking Schedule:
-3 $ZILLA per nft per day as a base rate
-5 $ZILLA per nft per day after 1+ week of staking
-7 $ZILLA per nft per day after 1+ month pf staking

6 - Treasury Actions

50% directly to the project treasury, This address is publicly available HERE

We will use the treasury funds for advertising, promotion, collaborations, and funding development of our roadmap features. As the project and treasury grows, we plan to allocate 10% of the treasury (minimum) to be used to support childrens educational, and learning impediment based charities.

45% will be split off to pay our team members (currently 1 person) for continued updates, and support.

5% of all royalties (10% of my share) is directed to the wallet of my best friend who pushed me to undertake this misson. NFTCRYPTOBUSH.sol, thanks for the support buddy!

6.b - Growing The Treasury

Half of the treasury funds will be used for promotions, giveaways, buybacks and new developments. The remaining 50% these funds applied to Defi lending, staking, and other yield bearing positions. BZC plans to use the treasury funds to help advance as many Solana based projects as we can, aswell as ourselves.

7 - Community Driven Upgrades

After full sellout and secondary listings, there will be many holders votes to help steer the projects growth!

8 - BZC Avatar Generator - IN PROGRESS

Once sold out, a portion of the treasury funds will be used to hire a JS developer to add an additional function to our webpage. A full "Avatar Generator" for your Zilla!

This will include updated (cleaned) versions of all of our NFT layers, aswell as new traits to be used to dress up your Zilla for PFP's!

9 - BZC Childrens Book(s) - IN PROGRESS

During sale, and after release I/we will be creating a childrens adventure book (or possibly series) with the goal bringing the adorable Zillas into as many childrens lives as possible.

Our current plan, is for an interactive, web3-based story where you could load your personal Zilla into the story for your children to view. However the medium for release may change if the community votes for standard print media, or some other option.

This will also feature a sneak peek of the 2nd collection within the story, and will be used to introduce it to the community!

10 - Next Collection

Once all above are complete, we will begin work on our next collection. It will be a continuance on the Zilla line, but from a new angle.

We plan to have 4 total collections, all tying to our original Baby Zillas, and all benefiting the OG Baby Zilla supporters!

Holders of 3+ BZC will automatically get early access whitelisting for ALL future collections (to be decided by community)

11 - Overall Goal.

As we grow and become a larger community, with less need for promotional funds, we plan to regularly use a portion of our liquid Treasury funds to donate to childrens, educational, and learning disability focused charities. We will also use some of the funds to support other projects with the same goal.

This will eventualy be controlled by a BZC holder DAO, which will vote on which charities to donate too and in which amounts.


[Pronounced: Late Night]

At the early stages of this project 'we' are a one man show. I have taught myself the basics of digital drawing, server setup, and all of the other nuances required to build a fully decentralized poject.

As we progress the team will undoubtedly grow and more names wil appear here.

BZC StoryBook - Work In Progress

Baby Zilla Goes To The Moon

Any and all NFTs featured in our stories that are NOT baby zilla club NFTs, are owned by our creator L8nit3. Ownership can be verified at L8nit3.eth or L8nit3.sol
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Project Links

Projects And Promoters

A list of 'Good Actors' we have personally worked with. This list is to help the community to stay safe from scammers.

If we have worked with you, and forgotten your name on the list please reach out!!

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@ICYSOL Drunken Ape Social Club - WL Giveaway
@NFT_Henny Donkey Kicks NFT - WL Giveaway
@AykPromoter TokyoArtworks